Millions of responsible Americans, carry a firearm in order to protect themselves, their family, and others around them.  The vast majority safely exercise this right on a daily basis however, many do not have an effective and affordable solution to train and gain the confidence needed to handle todays growing REAL LIFE THREATS.  Many find that going to the range and shooting at targets doesn’t cut it when the situation becomes real. In order to truly be adept at defending your life you must address many issues in training and commit your responses to muscle memory in the same way that we are now training our elite Special Forces Units.  There are many companies that have corporate and government clients who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for training, and while we welcome government and corporate business, we price our classes for the average law abiding American citizen, and train you on the skills needed to confidently protect yourself and those you care about!

***Scroll down for additional information. Please email the course required, and requested number of students.  Training is generally scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays 7:30am-3:30pm  in Cochise County, AZ unless you specify the need for an alternate time and location. 




(2 day) Personal Defensive Pistol Course- As a normal, armed American, your carry pistol is your primary defensive tool in all encounters with potentially dangerous individuals.  Thus, the pistol should be treated as an extension of the body itself, and its handling and use should be as natural as waving hello, and trained as a martial art.  This course covers:

– Confident carry without being perceived as a likely threat, with the ability to judge how and when to draw and when not to.

-Employing fast, reliable, multiple target acquisition with total control of where your rounds land.

-Pistol reloading/Jam mitigation

-Efficient and effective movement techniques, muscle memory, as well as when to stop shooting and what to do when you stop.  

-Cover and concealment, dynamic risk reduction, urban escape and evasion. 

Training weapons, equipment and ammunition are provided for this course.  Students may choose to use their own carry weapons (must provide your own holster) with advanced notice and specification of caliber.  This is NOT your standard NRA/CCW class!  The focus here is on winning the fight, and survival.  Contact us and we will work with you to schedule the class at your convenience.  We will reduce the cost of the class for groups.  Students who need classes in their local area may also contact us for arrangements/pricing. (Base $1500/person; group rates discounted; contact us for additional pricing if the training needs to be held in your local area.)

(2 day) Advanced Defensive Rifle Course- For those in higher risk situations a pistol may not be considered adequate defense, but rather a means to get to a more effective weapon that will allow you to escape a dangerous situation.  We also cater to business owners and off duty law enforcement (…) who live with the higher chances of targeted violence, especially in areas such as border regions, where the threat of organized crime and better equipped perpetrators often introduces the need to have a rifle accessible in the vicinity.  Here we cover:

 -Pistol to rifle transitions

-Fast, effective, multiple target acquisition

-Rifle reloading/Jam mitigation

-Efficient and effective movement techniques, muscle memory, as well as when to stop shooting and what to do when you stop.  

-Cover and concealment, dynamic risk reduction, urban escape and evasion.

We highly recommend taking our Personal Defensive Pistol course before requesting this class, as we will cover lessons that will build off of pistol work

(Base $1700/student; group rates discounted; Contact us for additional pricing/availability if the course needs to be held in your local area.)

Designed for those who have already taken one of our courses  This course provides equipment, a firearm and ammunition for one day of range training with our instructors in order to practice and hone skills learned during the full classes. (Base $600/student, arrangements can be made to have the training done in your area. Please Scroll down to make scheduling arrangements. Group discounts available)