XM-18 Smoke Grenade (smoke/OC/CS reloadable)


Civilian legal, and perfect for paintball,  law enforcement/military use, these new production reloadable XM-18s will deliver obscurant, colored signal, or OC/riot control smoke.





Smoke grenade, reloadable, XM-18.

The XM-18 is perfect for paintball,  training and field use. This reloadable smoke grenade reduces training costs, and virtually eliminates disposal fees and pollution related to dunnage. The modular design allows the end user to custom mix and load their own smoke composition in accordance with local laws/departmental regulations. The XM-18 will deliver obscurant smoke, colored signal smoke, or OC/CS riot control agent. This design produces longer effective times than new burst fog/mist riot control elements, and has a redesigned combustion chamber that contains flame within the body of the device, limiting fire risk in dry climates. (Canister becomes hot and remains so for some time after use. Canister heat may still cause fires if used indoors or if thrown in/around brush or other flammable objects.

Included: (partially assembled)

Canister assembly-

Top and bottom vent caps

Smoke grenade body


Fuse head assembly-

Fuse head, w/firing pin assembly


Safety pin


Ignition assembly-

M228 Fuse tube with primer pocket

(2) cannon fuse set screws 10/32 tp

Combustion chamber

(1) 2″ test premium cannon fuse

Assembly instructions.

Allen wrench is supplied, may require flat head screwdriver.


Not included:

Federal small pistol primer

Smoke composition mixture

Painter’s tape

(Optional) Non-metallic combustion pattern loading bolt 5/8″dia x10″


Note- No sales outside of the Continental U.S.

-This product is sold and shipped in an inert state to comply with existing regulations. Limited assembly required.

***Warning- loading this device with ANY composition OTHER THAN a smoke composition (obscurant/signal/OC/CS), makes it a destructive device. Owning or possessing an unregistered destructive device is a felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to know and follow all Federal, State, and local laws concerning this product. Purchase of this product constitutes purchaser’s understanding of the previous statements, and the risks of owning, storing, and/or using any pyrotechnic device. End user assumes all liability for any actions with this device. Neither Straterra Tactical, nor its’ distributors, suppliers, partners, or representatives assume, claim, or will accept any responsibility or liability for for any use of this product legal, or illegal.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4 in
Body Color

Black, Green


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