Personal Defensive Pistol Course


Real-world threat focused pistol training.


This 6 hour course focuses on building the skills, muscle memory, and confidence needed to survive and win over threats you may encounter in your daily life.  Not your average point and shoot NRA class, students will complete the course with a better understanding of the following:

  1. Assess potential threat versus imminent deadly threats.
  2. When and how to draw their pistol (and when not to).
  3. How humans react to physical threats and how to overcome physiological limitations.
  4. Single/multiple target engagement.
  5. Urban cover/concealment.
  6. Practical shooting scenarios (office, full hands, extreme close distance).

*Training ammunition (9mm) is provided for this class.

*Classes are given in Cochise County Arizona.  Pricing shown on this page is per person and pertains to classes held in Arizona.  We can send two instructor teams for classes held in other appropriate locations.  Please contact us for applicable fees/scheduling.  Group rates are available.


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